New moon can not see, I decide to see efforts Ramadan in ...

New moon can not see I decide to see efforts Ramadan in ... For people who believe in Islam, for the very important Ramadan (fasting month), each Islamic organizations in Japan was issued in day and night the declaration of the [Japan begins on the day]. Once, if it is declared fasting entering, without any food in months the day, deepen their faith. The bottom line of fasting filled is determined by whether or not visible [new moon] in the land you live. With serious implications [the new moon observation]. After sunset of the day, make the Muslims living in Japan and member of the Japan New Moon observation committee], I went out to look for the new moon. Observation location is Metropolitan Government Building In the Islamic calendar based on the phases of the moon, th of the month this year that corresponds to the day of the month. If you can see the new moon on this day, it begins fasting from the next day, unless if see the new moon, it will start from the next day. Month of observation and judgment of the way is different so also by the organization.

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