Cubic Meter Calculator

Wondering what size of moving truck will you need for your move? The first step is to calculate the volume of your belongings in cubic meters. Use our cubic meter calculator to get an idea of how much space you’ll need in the truck on your moving day.
Cubic meter calculator by LOT

How to calculate m3 of an item

You simply need to measure all three dimensions of your item: Length (L), width (W) and height (H). Then, use a calculator to multiply all three values to calculate the cubic metres: Item volume (m3) = L x W x H. Use the right units for the initial measurement – always use the value in meters to end up with m3. So, if the depth of your fridge is 64 cm, use 0.64 (m) as the value for the calculation.
Calculate m3 of an item
No of moving boxes in 1 m3

Volume of selected household items

We’ve included the cubic metres for some of the most commonly moved household items. Use the table or picture to get the idea – of course, your items can be a bit bigger or smaller, depending on the specification. Measure them up and calculate the cubic meters for yourself or use these indicative values to calculate the total cubic meters of the items you need to move!
Volume in cubic meters selected items
We’re showing some of the bulkiest items. Use our calculator on the right side to calculate the total cubic metres for yourself!

Cubic Meters of Commonly Used Trucks

Have a look at some of these commonly used moving truck sizes and how much you can fit in them
Little Orange Trucks Cubic Metres of the 2T Moving Van

2T Moving Van - 10m3

You can fit about 10m3 in an average 2T moving van. It's designed to move a few pieces of furniture, a smaller number of moving boxes etc. You can expect the average moving time with this van to be around 1-2 hours.
Little Orange Trucks Cubic Metres of the 4T Moving Truck

4T Moving Truck - 18m3

A 4T truck can fit approx. 16-18 m3 of your furniture and belongings. The 2 Men & a 4T Truck service is recommended for moving a smaller apartment or office. You can expect an average moving time of 2-4 hours.
Little Orange Trucks Cubic Metres of the 8T Moving Truck

8T Moving Truck - 32m3

More than double the space of its smaller sibling, a 8T truck can fit in up to 32 cubic meters. It is recommended for moving a larger apartment, smaller house or a medium sized office. Average moving time is of 4-6 hours.
Little Orange Trucks Cubic Metres of the 12T Moving Truck

12T Moving Truck - 57m3

This is one of the biggest moving trucks used - it can fit up to 12T and 55-60 m3 of your furniture and belongings. It's used to move larger homes and offices. The average moving time is between 8 and 10 hours.